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Pine Needle Soap w/ Extracted Enzymes


Our Pine Soap is a very high quality Medicinal and Luxury mild bar soap, which contains 100% Natural wild plants and pine needles, as well as Olive Oil, Camellia and Betaine. Get a total body experience with nature's secret ingredients.

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Optimally Organics is proud to be using wild grown plants ( fermented) with enzymes to give an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant quality known for assisting in natrual face and body skin care. Our Pine needle oil soap with one hundred wild plants (Fermented) is only found and hand picked from wild crafter plant parts, high in the mountains. These wild plants are hand picked, formulated and then fermented to take the place of Nano Silver, which is usually added in other high end soaps for anti-bacterial purposes.

Maintaining all the valuable properties in the pine needles, our Pine Needle Oil Soap aids in acne and other skin problems. Helps to heal, clean, cleanse like no other regular bar soap! It contains 100% Pine Needle oil which is a proven antibacterial agent working to sterilize the skin. Combined with our Wild Plant Enzyme (Fermented), formula to add and preserve nutrients, this soap will keep your skin looking healthy and happy for years to come.

And remember at Optimally Organics "No" Preservatives, "No" Artifical colors, "No" Animal parts, "No" Chemicals and "No" Petroleum based ingredients!

Excellent high quality care for the face ,body and soul